Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wireless Broadband or Fixed-Wireless Broadband?
Wireless broadband is a fairly new technology where your connection to the Internet is made by a radio connection to one of our antennas. This allows us to do some pretty amazing things. First, we aren't limited by cables like DSL or Cable Broadband. Our connection to you passes through the air. Since we aren't trying to make older technology (like television cable) work for data, we can achieve incredible speeds both from the network to you, and from you out. The connection to your computer to the radio and antenna we place on your roof is via a regular ethernet cable.

Does your service use my current phone line?
The Believe Wireless high-speed internet connection does not use your phone or cable lines to bring broadband service to your home. This makes it ideal for people with satellite TV or people who use their cell phone as their primary phone line. This allows you to talk on the phone and surf the internet at full speed.

Is your service affected by rain, fog or snow?
Absolutely not. In most cases, poor weather actually increases the strength of the signal due to reduced signal interference from other sources. Most customers are located only a few miles from the nearest broadcast location so our signal is strong enough to overcome all weather conditions.

Is Believe Wireless compatible with all operating systems like Macintosh, Linux, Unix, OS/2, Windows, etc.?
Yes, any system that uses standard ethernet will work with our network.

What is the installation process?
Our installers will mount a small pizzabox-type antenna on your roof, on an exterior wall or within your attic, and run the ethernet cable inside your house. This cable connects directly to your computer via a standard ethernet cable. You will provide the ethernet NIC card, which is generally provided in many computers on the market today. If you do not have an ethernet NIC card, you may purchase one from Believe Wireless; however, you are responsible for its installation. An average install takes about two hours.

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware to use your system?
As long as you have an ethernet adapter in your computer, we supply everything you need to get a single computer up and running. If you need an ethernet adapter, hub or switch for multiple computers, these can be purchased seperately and should be noted at the time of your order.

Your system is wireless. Can I use my laptop anywhere in my house?
The wireless signal is only from our broadcast location to your house. Once the signal reaches your house, the connection to your computer is supplied via an ethernet cable. We are happy to setup and install a wireless network in your house for an additional fee.

Can I pay my bill online?
Payment via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and electronic check can be made online. For customers paying month-to-month, the payment will be automatically withdrawn on the date of installation each month using the payment method you selected.