Business Internet

Wireless Networks

It seems wireless network connectivity is required everywhere for smartphones, laptops, temporary events, ticket scanners and hundreds of other uses. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor solution for employees, tenants, or customers, Believe Wireless can create and install a solution that fits both your needs and budget.

Believe's extensive experience in building large scale metro networks can be scaled down for your organization. We have installed networks for small coffee shops up to multi-acre outdoor venues.

Today's wireless access points (APs) can be setup to support multiple networks at once. You can have a public, wide-open network for customers, a private network for employees and another network for vendor equipment all segmented from each other with different types of security.

Mesh Networks

The main advantage of wireless is not having a physical cable run to every location where you need access to your network. When your users go beyond the range of wireless equipment, Believe can setup a wireless mesh network where additional access points can be installed to relay the signal from access points hard wired to your network.

Any place you can get power can be used to wirelessly extend your network without the cost and complexity of running fiber or Ethernet. A major advantage to wireless mesh networks is that they are self-healing. Overlapping access points can be setup so that the loss of a single access point does not leave remote locations stranded.

Putting It All Together

A wireless network is rarely "an island" and needs to be integrated into your existing network design. Believe Wireless can install the wireless network, configure and install routers and provide the necessary primary and backup bandwidth. Our soup-to-nuts approach means you only have to deal with a single vendor for all of your bandwidth and networking needs.

Let Believe Wireless install a low-cost, high-performance, ultra-reliable wireless network for you today!